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Lilly’s Feathered Friends is a private, home-based Rescue and Aviary located in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Lilly’s was originally started as a Rescue and Sanctuary in Ontario by an everyday mom with a lifelong passion for birds. Over many years of rescuing, fostering, and rehoming our avian friends, it became clear that not every bird owner enjoyed the extra TLC some of our rescue birds needed. Some people preferred babies – and that’s okay! In order to help avoid unhealthy and unethical breeding practices within the avian community, Lilly’s became not only a Rescue, but an Avian Breeder as well. All our breeding pairs are disease tested, on high quality diets, and bred for conservation. Our babies are handfed, abundance weaned, socialized, and healthy! We have recently began expanding into product sales too! We are here to help through all stages of your bird’s life. Contact us today!


Latest Project:


Lilly’s is currently in the process of expanding our product line and offerings! We will soon be opening our doors to other exotic creatures and products! Stay tuned! 

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