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Hand Fed Babies

Here at Lilly’s Feathered Friends Aviary, we pride ourselves in having healthy, happy, and friendly hand tame babies.  All our babies are abundance weaned onto a variety of fresh vegetables, protein mix, and pellets. All parents have been disease tested and captive bred in Canada. Once your baby is ready to go home, we will go over a caresheet with you to ensure you are as prepared as possible for your new addition. We are here to support you through all stages of your birds life. 

Green Cheek Conures

Conure - Stock Image.png

Red-Rumped Parakeet


Congo African Greys


Peach Faced Lovebirds

Lovebird - Stock Image.png

Lineolated Parakeets

Linnie - Stock Image.png

Indian Ringneck 


Eclectus Parrots

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If you are interested in a specific species or colour - please add your name to our

Wait List

We will contact you when one comes available! 

**We reserve the right to refuse placement of a bird**

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