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Adopt a Friend

All adoptable birds you see below have come to Lilly's Feathered Friends Rescue for various reasons. However all of them are loved and ready to find the perfect forever home! All rescue birds will have a transition time here which includes quarantine time, health checks, grooming, and a little love and attention in order to get these beauties ready for their forever homes. Adoption fees depend on the bird species and condition - for example, their age, behavior and health needs. Please contact us for further details and to start the process of giving a feathered friend, a second chance!



Meet Chico! This handsome cockatiel came over from Germany 21+ years ago and had the same owner his whole life. He is looking for a loving family to live out his final days. He doesn't like to step up but loves to hang out on your shoulder and receive an abundance of head scritches. He is fully flighted but getting older. 

Species: Cockatiel 

Age: 21+ Years

Sex: Male

Talks: No

Diet: Versele-Laga African Parakeet Mix

Cage: Not Included

Health: Normal Old Age Symptoms

Wings: Not Clipped

**We reserve the right to refuse placement of a bird. Adoption application must be submitted**

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