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Empire Large Bird Cage

SKU: 048081031575


Plus Applicable Taxes

Prevue Hendryx Empire Large Bird Cage

Model Number: 3157

Product UPC Number: 048081031575

  • 6 1/2-ft tall! Our largest cage!

  • Powder-coated steel construction with roomy square top

  • Remove interior floor grille to add 10" more of interior living space

  • Large 20"L x 43"H double-locking front access door

  • Easy-to-assemble slip-in mesh panel construction, with flathead hex bolt parts assembly that birds cannot unscrew

  • Food/water cups are held securely in place and cannot be tipped or removed by birds

  • Pull-out grille and debris tray for easy cleaning

  • Cage stand base features easy-rolling casters



Prevue Pet Products Empire Macaw Cage 3157 is one of the largest cages on the market. The roomy square top design gives even the largest bird plenty of space to play and explore. Cage assembles easily with slip in mesh panel construction and flathead hex bolts that can not be unscrewed by birds. Cage stand base features easy rolling casters and the interior floor grille can be removed to add 10" of additional living space. Pull out bottom grille and tray make cleaning easy, while rounded corner seed guards keep your floors clean too. Included with this extra large bird cage are three stainless steel, non-tip, bowls and one hardwood perch, 1-1/8" in diameter. Our Empire Macaw Cage 3157 is available exclusively in an attractive Black Hammertone finish and measures 46" Long, 36" Wide, 78 ¼" High with 1 3/8" wire spacing and features a double locking 20" Long by 43" High front door.

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